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Why is r/btc about Bitcoin Cash instead of BTC?

r/btc is a place where redditors are free to discuss any Bitcoin-based protocol and associated projects. r/btc was started in 2011, which was very early in Bitcoin’s history and six years before the Bitcoin Cash/BTC split.

When r/Bitcoin began to suppress discussion of Bitcoin upgrades in 2015, many redditors flocked to r/btc where the discussion was not censored. Most of the uncensored Bitcoin community supported a continuation of Satoshi’s original vision of a scaled Bitcoin blockchain, which was eventually manifested in the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

To this day r/btc does not censor any Bitcoin-related topics. Members of r/btc simply advocate more for Bitcoin Cash than they do for BTC. For redditors interested in a subreddit focused specifically on Bitcoin Cash, they are welcome to participate at r/Bitcoincash.