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Bitcoin Cash fundamentals are undeniable and the growing ecosystem is extremely exciting. However, in large measure, the Bitcoin Cash community has unwittingly abrogated the responsibility of focused messaging and allowed those who are hostile or indifferent to electronic peer-to-peer cash to direct the narrative and define Bitcoin Cash in the eyes of the general public.

Domain Authority (DA) measures a website's credibility and strength in the context of search engine optimization (SEO) and quality content, among other things. Higher DA leads to better search rankings. The current diffuse nature of Bitcoin Cash content prevents any one domain from having significant DA in the eyes of search engines with regard to Bitcoin Cash-related keywords. This has allowed the adversaries of decentralized money to have more control over cryptocurrency messaging.

Bitcoin Cash FAQ (BCHFAQ) will begin correcting this oversight by consistently publishing high-quality, accurate, SEO long-form content.

This effort is a long-term, multi-phase project that will eventually result in a self-sustaining site with hundreds of relevant, keyword-targeted articles that feature various aspects of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. The scope of this Flipstarter campaign is Phase 1, which includes the site itself, twelve long-form evergreen blog posts (three of which are already published here, here, and here), regular revisions of content when needed, a mailing list, email updates, a social media presence, and a continuation of the BCHFAQ knowledge base. Each blog post will target a specific keyword that research finds the public is using or will likely use in the near future.

Campaign backers for Phase 1 and Phase 2 will qualify to receive FAQubit (FAQT) - BCHFAQ’s donor reward token - commensurate with their pledges. FAQT will be distributed upon a successful funding campaign for Phase 2 and will be community-owned. During Phase 2 operations, FAQT holders will be able to redeem a certain amount of tokens for an article on BCHFAQ showcasing the project of their choice.

The Problem with Bitcoin Cash Messaging

In the early years of Bitcoin, the community was extremely niche, but at least the messaging was very consistent and focused on the importance of electronic peer-to-peer cash. But since the block size wars, most of the cryptocurrency space has been full of those who are either completely hostile to the original purpose behind Bitcoin or, at best, ignorant of its importance.

The Bitcoin Cash community has hardly been passive during all of this. Many very high-quality pieces of long-form content have been published over the years and some of it appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain keywords. For SERPs, quality long-form content is key. And the consistent publication of such content under a single domain builds domain authority (DA), which dramatically increases the likelihood of ranking higher and driving traffic.

Despite the plethora of amazing long-form content that focuses on Bitcoin Cash, most of it is extremely diffuse. Either that or the content is hosted on domains that feature many more things besides Bitcoin Cash-specific keywords (e.g., Medium). Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the state of these things for such a decentralized project. But the diffuse nature of quality content prevents any one domain from having significant DA in the eyes of search engines with regards to Bitcoin Cash-related keywords.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, most people only learn about Bitcoin Cash through the filter of mainstream crypto viewpoints and attitudes. As you probably know, this filter is severely distorted and often filled with half-truths and outright lies. Additionally, mainstream crypto content almost never mentions anything about Bitcoin Cash’s powerful upgrades and improvements over the years.

When people search for their Bitcoin Cash questions, what are they likely to find? They find sites such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and (heaven forbid) CoinGeek. In territory mostly unfriendly to Bitcoin Cash, readers are presented with Bitcoin Core propaganda, “number go up” mania, vapid projects, or pointless crypto dogmas.

At best, users find long-form content from Investopedia, Forbes, or other sources trying to be more-or-less impartial. Even then, readers are given only the most basic information about Bitcoin Cash scaling while getting nothing about all the other amazing upgrades and innovations.

Even if users find friendly content (e.g., favorable news articles and press releases are not enough. While sometimes very informative, they simply do not dig deep enough, do not call readers to action effectively, and are not published consistently enough.

While some curious people make their way to r/btc or other Bitcoin Cash communities that can explain things in much more detail, many users are going to Google or other search engines to find long-form content that ranks highly. For too long, as a community, we have ignored this giant marketing possibility. BCHFAQ can tap into it. Specifically, it can do so by leveraging the power of SEO and content marketing to build DA.

SEO and Content Marketing

For those who may not be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and/or content marketing concepts, the next two paragraphs provide a very brief explanation:

SEO is the practice of enhancing a website's visibility on search engines like Google. It involves various strategies to improve a website's ranking in search results, driving more organic (i.e. unpaid) traffic. Strategies include optimizing a website's content with relevant keywords, creating high-quality and engaging content, earning backlinks from authoritative websites, and utilizing meta tags and descriptions effectively. Ultimately, the point is to increase a website's chances of being discovered by users searching for relevant information.

Content marketing is basically a part of SEO. It is a strategy focused on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience. By offering useful information, insights, or entertainment, a site can aim to build trust and authority with their audience. The goal is to provide value to the audience while subtly promoting products or services, fostering brand loyalty, and driving customer action.

The Bitcoin Cash FAQ Vision

BCHFAQ aims to be the perfect blend of the above concepts for the Bitcoin Cash niche. Over time, Bitcoin Cash-based products and services will continue to be made available. By using the above techniques BCHFAQ will continuously build DA in the Bitcoin Cash niche through a consistent focus on powerful, informative articles. That in turn will drive search engine traffic, provide meaningful and engaging content to readers, and connect those readers to the Bitcoin Cash products and services that will help them reach their goals.

Notice that BCHFAQ is not meant to be simply the latest hype machine for every new fad in the space, nor will it be a place to just post announcements from around the Bitcoin Cash community. BCHFAQ will be hyper-focused on Bitcoin Cash-based projects and solutions and will not publish on larger topics like politics, world events, the latest drama, or other topics that are not relevant to assisting people to plug into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. And of course, BCHFAQ is not meant to be portrayed as an “official” blog for Bitcoin Cash.

BCHFAQ's main offering will be high-quality, long-form SEO content that targets relevant keywords that users are actually searching or are likely to in the near future. The purpose is to drive traffic and inform readers using accurate, up-to-date information about the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Qualified users will be funneled to the unique Bitcoin Cash-based offerings that fulfill their needs.

This symbiotic, self-sustaining relationship may take a few years to fully develop. SEO, content marketing, and DA is all about the long game, after all. If we are to see this mature, the seeds should be planted now. And if that happens, Bitcoin Cash will be one big step closer to detaching from the pointless speculative noise that permeates the overall cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin Cash can become truly set apart from everything else. I invite you to help me contribute to making that a reality.

Deliverables and Costs for Phase 1

The scope of BCHFAQ Phase 1 includes:


The goal is to complete Phase 1 by the end of 2023 and propose the Phase 2 campaign in Q1 of 2024.


The costs (in USD) associated with Phase 1 of this project are broken down into the following categories:

  • Content Creation & Editing: $7200
  • Site Tools & Maintenance: $1000
  • Marketing: $800

Total project cost: $9000

USD/BCH ≈ $215

$9000/$215 =

41.86 BCH

Who I Am and What I Can Provide

I am fixthetracking (profiles on reddit and and I got into the Bitcoin space in 2014, soon after learning the truth about central banking and the economic/international chaos it causes. I have been a staunch supporter of decentralized peer-to-peer cash ever since. I have been a Bitcoin Core skeptic since RBF was first released and I was fully on-board with Bitcoin Cash at the 2017 split.

I have constantly sought to gain and disseminate accurate information about Bitcoin and its implications on Reddit and other forums. I received my badge of honor (i.e. r/bitcoin ban) a few years back. Not long after that I set up as a simple knowledge base and now I recognize the need to expand to long-form SEO content.

The fact that the Bitcoin Cash community is extremely decentralized and very niche means that reliable information can be difficult to come by if you don’t know your way around the space. Few content writers could pull off this project with the level of quality and accuracy that is required. It cannot be done well on the cheap or by AI. Obviously I do not know everything about Bitcoin Cash and all the goings-on in the ecosystem. But as someone involved in the community for nearly a decade, I know how to find the answers, engage with those who are more knowledgeable than me in a given topic, and relay the facts faithfully and in an engaging manner. If you fund BCHFAQ you’re getting an experienced blogger/SEO content creator who can thoroughly navigate the Bitcoin Cash space and teach complex topics by boiling them down to their essentials.


FAQubit (FAQT) [TokenID: df4f6c8306a666fbfa7cbe169f2c85f18691d66e00a76273cf9db22980e9e0ca] will be given as a free gift to campaign backers. Qualified backers will receive FAQT at a rate of 1 FAQT per 0.001 BCH donated (minimum 0.001 BCH donation required). FAQT will also be given to backers of the Phase 2 campaign at the same rate. The token distribution will take place after the successful funding of the Phase 2 campaign (target: Q1 2024). Campaign backers should include their CashTokens address (starts with 'bitcoincash:z…’) in their pledge message.

FAQT does not represent ownership of any part of BCHFAQ and has no promise of any monetary value. Users may find FAQT valuable to trade or to donate to their preferred projects, but that is completely outside the control of BCHFAQ. 21M FAQT was initially minted. Prior to distribution, all excess FAQT will be burned. Thus, FAQT will be 100% community-owned.

When BCHFAQ begins Phase 2 operations, FAQT holders will be able to redeem a certain amount of tokens (specific amount TBD) for a long-form SEO blog post published on BCHFAQ that will showcase the Bitcoin Cash project of their choice. However, there will be a few stipulations. Qualified projects obviously must involve Bitcoin Cash, must support the basic principles of liberty and decentralization, and should be permissionless. FAQT holders should not expect to be able to redeem tokens for multiple posts featuring the same project without a sufficient difference in scope for each post. The terms of FAQT redemption will be fully developed and published by the start of the funding campaign for Phase 2.

Eventual self-sufficiency is important for the future of BCHFAQ. In light of that, for Bitcoin Cash-based projects that are set up to be able to maintain affiliate marketing relationships, BCHFAQ may be able to publish featured articles without requiring any FAQT. More information on that possibility will be available during Phase 2.

Long-Term Expectations

Phase 1 aims to produce a total of 12 long-form SEO articles which will include some of the most essential facts and keywords around the Bitcoin Cash space. The goal for the completion of Phase 1 is before the end of 2023. Phase 2 will aim to produce an additional 36 articles for a total of 48 articles. The goal for the completion of Phase 2 is before Q4 2024.

The aspiration for BCHFAQ to attain self-sufficiency was mentioned above. Although several elements contribute to the profitability of a content site, it's probable that this will encompass affiliate marketing - a well-established strategy for websites targeting niche markets. In the context of BCHFAQ, this would entail forging affiliate marketing partnerships with Bitcoin Cash-related enterprises and earning a share of sales generated.

How to Pledge and Contact Information

Click here for detailed instructions on how to pledge to this campaign (don’t forget to include your CashTokens address in your pledge message!).

Please contact me on Telegram if you have any questions or feedback.