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Did Roger Ver Create Bitcoin Cash?

Did Roger Ver Create Bitcoin Cash?

Roger Ver did not create Bitcoin Cash, nor was he involved in the Bitcoin Cash hard fork in any capacity. Roger had been an enthusiastic and extremely vocal supporter of Bitcoin since 2011 and was one of the first investors in Bitcoin-related businesses.

During the scaling debates, Roger advocated for a bigger blocksize and supported the SegWit2x proposal, a compromise between small blockers and big blockers which would have introduced Segregated Witness into Bitcoin and then raised the blocksize to 2MB. Even after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, Roger was hoping for the second part of SegWit2x to be implemented.

After it was clear the SegWit2x proposal was a bait-and-switch by small blockers and that BTC could no longer be peer-to-peer electronic cash, Roger researched other cryptocurrencies and decided that Bitcoin Cash offered the best chance to deliver Bitcoin’s original promise.

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