Are Bitcoin Cash transactions private?

Bitcoin Cash transactions, by default, are not private. But transactions are pseudonymous.

Bitcoin Cash has an open ledger that anyone is free to review. A full archival node will keep a full record of all Bitcoin Cash transactions since the Genesis block. While the transactions, including the amounts and addresses, are perfectly opaque, there are no identities tied to the blockchain. This is what makes Bitcoin Cash pseudonymous.

Governments and blockchain analysis companies may be able to link addresses with real-world identities through associated data. Such data might consist of cryptocurrency exchange records or ISP information, or purchase records. If a certain address becomes tied to your identity, it may be trivial for a dedicated entity to track down your funds.

There are steps you can take to maintain privacy on Bitcoin Cash, such as obtaining Bitcoin Cash without the use of KYC requirements or using a VPN or TOR. The easiest method for maintaining or reasserting your privacy on Bitcoin Cash is to use CashFusion.

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