Does Bitcoin Cash mining waste energy?

Bitcoin Cash mining, like all cryptocurrency mining, consumes a significant amount of energy, prompting concerns about environmental impact. However, there are key factors to consider:

Green Energy:

While exact estimates vary, a substantial portion of Bitcoin Cash mining already uses sustainable energy. Approximately 67% of surveyed Bitcoin miners employ about 67% sustainable energy, making the network around 56% green.

Incentive for Energy Development:

Bitcoin mining profitability increases with cheaper energy, encouraging research and investment in sustainable energy sources, surpassing many government initiatives.

Economic Growth:

Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin Cash, creates a more efficient and free economy, potentially accelerating global economic growth. This growth could drive technological advancements, including solutions to emission issues.

Reduction in Banking Emissions:

Bitcoin Cash, as a replacement for traditional banking infrastructure, eliminates the need for energy-intensive elements like bank branches, physical cash, and other associated operations, resulting in significant global energy savings.


Similar to other energy-demanding technologies, Bitcoin Cash provides utility to users worldwide by offering a sound monetary system free from financial censorship and government debasement.

Proportionate to Utility:

Although current Bitcoin Cash energy expenditure may not be directly proportional to transaction volume, its energy efficiency per transaction improves with increased usage. As the issuance of new coins declines, Bitcoin Cash aims to align energy consumption with justified usage and global utility, making it more efficient than models like Bitcoin BTC's limited "digital gold" approach.

Learn more about how Bitcoin Cash's energy usage compares with BTC's with this helpful statistical analysis.

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