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How can I earn Bitcoin Cash?

How can I earn Bitcoin Cash?

There are many ways to earn Bitcoin Cash. If you have a business, make sure to implement Bitcoin Cash as a payment option. There are many payment gateways that simplify accepting Bitcoin Cash, including:

If you are looking for other ways you can earn Bitcoin Cash, there are many options. You can:

  • Intermediate purchases on Bitgree
  • Market your skills at workingforbitcoins.com
  • Answer questions or complete tasks at lazyfox.io
  • Earn tips for writing interesting articles at read.cash
  • Create your own simple Bitcoin Cash tipping link at tipb.ch. Once your tip page is created, share it wherever you want.

It is technically possible for anyone to extend the blockchain and earn Bitcoin Cash by securing the network (i.e. mining). However, it is a very competitive industry and it requires a lot of investment and knowledge.