What are the full node implementations for Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash boasts a diverse ecosystem of full node implementations, each independently developed by dedicated teams supported through donations from the Bitcoin Cash community.

Full node implementations actively in development and currently in consensus with the Bitcoin Cash network:

Bitcoin Cash Node:

Bitcoin Cash Node aims to enhance the BCH network by establishing professional mining nodes, proposing consensus rule enhancements, ensuring sustainable development, expanding the network effect, and advocating for BCH's permissionless, useful, and affordable nature to become the world's premier form of money.

Bitcoin Unlimited:

Bitcoin Unlimited, originating before the 2017 split, seeks to decentralize decision-making by introducing Emergent Consensus. By removing the block size limit from consensus rules and implementing scalability improvements, such as Xthin Blocks, Bitcoin Unlimited maintains Bitcoin's decentralized nature and resilient incentive-driven model, allowing participants to signal preferences and reach consensus while preventing arbitrary manipulation within the ecosystem.

Bitcoin Verde:

Bitcoin Verde, a Java-based full-node implementation by Software Verde, LLC, stands out for its robust and reliable design, enhancing security for the Bitcoin Cash network, with ambitions to further develop wallet and mining-pool modules in the future.


Knuth is a high-performance Bitcoin protocol implementation and development platform, featuring a modular architecture, cross-platform compatibility, and specialized database modes, aiming to cater to miners, exchanges, businesses, developers, and newcomers with a focus on readability, reliability, and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem.


Flowee the Hub is a robust Bitcoin Cash node with industrial-strength cryptography, serving as a secure firewall and database, supporting efficient global transaction validation, quick access to extensive historical data, and future scalability up to 250MB blocks.

Full node implementations not currently in consensus with the Bitcoin Cash network:


BCHD, a mature Bitcoin Cash protocol implementation in Go, caters to application developers with features like fast-sync, a user-friendly gRPC API, integrated indexing, and support for client-side filtering. It prioritizes benefits of fast compilation times and simplified parallelism due to its Go foundation, supporting both JSON-RPC and gRPC and adaptable for various applications, including next-gen SPV mobile wallets.

While BCHD is not currently in consensus on the Bitcoin Cash Network, ongoing development initiatives are underway to restore compatibility with the broader Bitcoin Cash infrastructure.

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