What is Bitcoin Unlimited?

Bitcoin Unlimited emerged before the 2017 split as a response to the prolonged Bitcoin block size limit debate, aiming to decentralize decision-making. Dissatisfied with centralized control over the block size, Bitcoin Unlimited introduced the concept of Emergent Consensus, empowering the ecosystem to determine the block size limit through decentralized decision-making. The removal of the block size limit from consensus rules allows nodes to follow the longest chain independently. Bitcoin Unlimited also implements improvements like Xthin Blocks and tools made by the Open Source Bitcoin Core Project, fostering scalability and system enhancements while preserving the decentralized nature of Bitcoin. The Emergent Consensus mechanism aligns with the incentive-driven resilience of Bitcoin Cash, ensuring a balance between usability and decentralization without the need for a hard limit. It operates by allowing participants to signal their preferences, converge on Schelling points, and reach consensus. Bitcoin Unlimited prevents arbitrary manipulation within the ecosystem, preventing sybil attacks and resisting attempts to enforce changes against the community's will.

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