What’s a good wallet for Bitcoin Cash?

There are many Bitcoin Cash wallets available and choosing a wallet depends on your needs.

Electron Cash for desktop is the most versatile Bitcoin Cash wallet for power users. A mobile version of Electron Cash is available for Android and iOS.

Zapit wallet supports Bitcoin Cash exclusively and has integrated CashTokens, allowing for the storage of fungible and non-fungible tokens. It also includes a P2P exchange and non-custodial coin swaps. It is not open source (meaning the code is not freely available for review). Zapit is available on Android, iOS, and on the Chrome Web Store.

Stack Wallet is a multi-coin wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash. It is open source (thus auditable by anyone) and available for Android and iOS.

Flowee Pay is a Bitcoin Cash wallet heavily focused on usability. Flowee Pay has recently introduced the idea of "modules" - optional add-ons to expand the functionality of the wallet. Currently there is only one module but more modules are expected in the future. Flowee Pay is available on Android.

Paytaca is a Bitcoin Cash wallet with some niche functionality. It integrates seamlessly with AnyHedge, a protocol that allows users to hedge or long their Bitcoin Cash positions against metals, fiat currencies, or other cryptocurrencies; all on-chain with no custodians. The Paytaca Chrome extension allows direct integration with certain applications and sites, such as TapSwap, a non-custodial marketplace for CashTokens. Paytaca has fully integrated CashTokens in the wallet. Paytaca is available on Android, iOS, and on the Chrome Web Store.

Selene Wallet is a very clean wallet with fast functionality for quick and easy payments. Selene Wallet is available on Android and iOS. lists several wallets, including hardware wallets for increased security.

Users deciding on a wallet should experiment with several using small amounts of Bitcoin Cash to decide which works best for them. Users should always back up their wallet seed phrases by writing them down on paper and storing them in a secure location.

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