Why doesn’t Bitcoin Cash have Replace-by-Fee (RBF)?

Bitcoin Cash doesn't have Replace-By-Fee (RBF) as it was promptly eliminated at the BTC/Bitcoin Cash split, along with the removal of the hard limit on the block size. The decision was rooted in the strong commitment of the Bitcoin Cash community to establish a genuine peer-to-peer currency with cash-like qualities, aiming to minimize transaction friction. The inclusion of RBF was perceived as compromising the potential for swift and hassle-free transactions in everyday commerce.

The absence of Replace-By-Fee means there is no designated method to signal transactions for potential replacement. Nodes in the Bitcoin Cash network, as a default, exclusively accept and relay the initial version of a transaction they encounter. This streamlined approach facilitates point-of-sale scenarios, ensuring simplicity in transactions. Additionally, with ample room for all transactions due to scaling improvements, Bitcoin Cash users can navigate without concern about transaction delays, providing a substantial advantage for both users and merchants.

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