Why not Monero?

While the Monero (XMR) community shares ideological similarities with the Bitcoin Cash community, emphasizing privacy and fungibility, there are notable trade-offs that make global adoption of Monero less likely and position it differently in the competitive landscape:

Inauditable & Increasing Supply:

Monero's practically inauditable and increasing supply, while technically mathematically auditable, faces challenges in terms of user understanding. The complicated math involved may hinder broader adoption, especially when compared to the simplicity of Bitcoin Cash's fixed 21 million coin supply.

Regulatory Pressure:

Monero has faced significant regulatory pressure, leading to its delisting from many consumer-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges. This hampers its ability to spread among end consumers and compete effectively in the peer-to-peer cash use case.

Global Scalability:

Monero's obfuscated transactions prevent blockchain pruning, limiting its scalability for global use with a large number of running nodes. Additionally, Monero transaction sizes are quite large, reducing efficiency. These facts challenge its ability to achieve decentralization on a large scale.

Lack of DeFi:

Monero's lack of emphasis on decentralized finance (DeFi) may hinder its ability to compete with other cryptocurrencies that offer such features.

While both communities are committed to peer-to-peer cash, the Monero community's unique approach, acceptance of ongoing inflation, and its specific emphasis on privacy may limit its appeal for broader adoption, especially in the face of regulatory challenges and scalability concerns. The Bitcoin Cash community, while valuing privacy, maintains a different strategy and emphasis on accessibility for a broader user base.

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