What are FURU tokens?

FURU tokens are fungible CashTokens created on Bitcoin Cash and distributed exclusively through airdrops to BCH Guru NFT holders. These tokens offer free play access to the BCH Guru Price Prediction Game and have distinct features, including a fixed supply and community ownership after distribution.

To acquire FURU tokens, BCH Guru NFT holders qualify for airdrops based on the strength and composition of their NFT collections, with potential multiplier bonuses. The tokens have zero initial monetary value, serving as free-play access to the game, but their value on secondary markets will depend on community demand.

The FURU token supply, initially at 1 billion, involves two airdrops, releasing tokens in waves and estimating a final supply between 400-600 million tokens. The remaining tokens after the second airdrop will be burnt, ensuring a fair distribution among NFT holders.

FURU tokens distinguish themselves with no associated game fees during play, while BCH (real play) incurs fees. The tokens are not provided liquidity by BCH Guru, but holders may trade and offer liquidity independently. Future use-cases for BCH Guru NFTs within the game ecosystem, including dividends, are anticipated but not fully disclosed.

Learn more about CashTokens here.

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