What is TapSwap?

TapSwap is a pioneering non-custodial marketplace that emerged as a leading NFT-trading platform on Bitcoin Cash following the 2023 CashTokens upgrade.

Facilitating the trading of both fungible and non-fungible tokens, TapSwap operates seamlessly on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, showcasing its efficiency. Sellers benefit from flexibility in listing tokens at chosen prices, while buyers enjoy a user-friendly experience, with only a minimal platform fee upon purchase. The platform connects with users' wallets through Wallet Connect V2 or Paytaca’s Chrome extension, streamlining the trading process. With a transparent fee structure of 3% per completed trade and negligible blockchain fees, TapSwap enhances accessibility and affordability.

TapSwap incorporates sorting capabilities for easy navigation, providing insights into trading volumes, prices, and a comprehensive trade history. Additionally, TapSwap supports UTXO consolidation for optimized wallet management and features prominent Bitcoin Cash NFT collections. Positioned as a dynamic marketplace with a user-focused approach and strong community support, TapSwap is set to redefine interactions with digital assets on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain amid the evolving NFT landscape.

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