What is BCH Guru?

BCH Guru is a unique crypto price prediction platform on the Bitcoin Cash mainchain, featuring Guru NFTs integrated into the BCH Guru Price Prediction Game ecosystem.

Launched in January 2024, the Beta version allows users to predict prices for crypto assets like BCH, BTC, and ETH with limited Furu Token stakes. The BCH Gurus, a CashTokens NFT collection, make up a key component of the game, helping users to establish a game identity from which to make on-chain predictions, stake Bitcoin Cash, and compete for prizes.

Holding BCH Guru tokens offers benefits like integration into the BCH Guru Ecosystem, FURU airdrops, and dividends. BCH Guru NFTs, with various traits, form a premier collection on BCH CashTokens. The game's roadmap includes key milestones, such as NFT releases, FURU token snapshots, and a Beta release featuring FURU tokens.

The BCH Guru Game, a permissionless and non-custodial platform, involves Guru vs. Guru predictions, with oracles determining winners. FURU Tokens - fungible CashTokens - play a central role in staking predictions and offer exclusive benefits.

Overall, BCH Guru provides a dynamic ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts to engage in price predictions, collect NFTs, and be part of an inclusive community.

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