What is General Protocols?

General Protocols is a company established in 2019 that focuses on developing permissionless, trustless, and borderless financial solutions for the global community.

Positioned as a leading developer in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and at the forefront of UTXO blockchain development, General Protocols aims to build the future of programmable money. They emphasize the significance of smart contracts on programmable money, envisioning a multi-trillion dollar shift towards non-custodial and trustless networks. Committed to open-source protocols, the company empowers the next generation of innovators, believing in the transformative potential of technologies that can impact billions of lives.

General Protocols acts as a bridge between immediate challenges in the financial industry and the future of decentralized finance, making it accessible and profitable for businesses while fostering a true peer-to-peer global digital economy. Their mission revolves around being UTXO experts, creating peer-to-peer, open-source financial tools and services on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, with values centered on trustless, permissionless, and non-custodial solutions for economic freedom.

General Protocols currently develops:

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